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Launch a strategic, professional, chart-worthy podcast that expands your reach and grows your business


Even if you have no idea where to start, feel overwhelmed by all the tech and decisions, or worry that you won’t be good at podcasting.**

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**You’ll be amazing. Your voice as a rural woman business owner matters more than you know, and your podcast will impact so many lives for the better – you just have to start!

Launch a strategic, professional, chart-worthy podcast that expands your reach and grows your business


Even if you have no idea where to start, feel overwhelmed by all the tech and decisions, or worry that you won’t be good at podcasting.**

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**You’ll be amazing. Your voice as a rural woman business owner matters more than you know, and your podcast will impact so many lives for the better – you just have to start!

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“I wanted a top-notch podcast that I could be proud to stamp my name on – and that’s exactly what I got.

Our podcast continues to be a successful part of our business. I fully credit this to Jill’s knowledge of podcasting and her understanding of the rural and agricultural audience we serve.”

~Jessie Jarvis, Leaders Of The West Podcast


“Jill has launching podcasts down to a science.

She walked alongside me every step of the way, held me accountable, and took away all the overwhelm of not knowing where to start or what to do.

I had wanted to start a podcast for years but always got caught up in the stress of figuring out the backend side of things.

Jill stepped in with her heart for serving others and helped bring my vision to life. She kept me on task and organized. I truly would not have started or continued my podcast without her.”

~ Emily Reuschel, Gather in Growth Podcast



You absolutely can launch a professional podcast that you are incredibly proud to share in weeks.

And ...

Connect more deeply with your customers

Expand your audience

Change lives

Simplify and streamline your marketing

Establish trust and brand awareness

… at the same time!

Because a podcast done right – with strategy, intention, and your mission at the forefront– will do all of the above for your business.

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Starting a podcast from scratch is Overwhelming with a capital O.

And if you can relate to any of the following, friend, you’re in the right place!


You want to start a podcast and have a (maybe vague!) idea of what your show could be, but you’re not entirely sure how to turn your thoughts into episodes your audience will love.


Who the heck will even listen? Do I really have anything to say?! The self-doubt that creeps in when you think about podcasting is real – and it’s holding you back from taking the leap.


The decisions are endless and exhausting. What software do you need? How do you pick a name for your show? Where do you record? Guests or no guests?

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Two words: Podcast Equipment. Figuring out the logistics of recording, uploading, and editing is enough to make even the most determined woman give up.


The decisions are endless and exhausting. What software do you need? How do you pick a name for your show? Where do you record? Guests or no guests?

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Two words: Podcast Equipment. Figuring out the logistics of recording, uploading, and editing is enough to make even the most determined woman give up.

Right now, it might seem like …

As soon as you take one step forward, another decision or doubt pops up, putting your dreams of having a podcast on pause – again.


Launching a strategic, well-produced podcast that connects with your audience and grows your business requires more than simply buying a microphone and hitting record.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do this (because you totally can!). But it does mean that …

>>> You need support, guidance, and accountability if you’re going to do this podcast thing *right* and get your show off the ground, running, and produced at a level you’re proud of. <<<

Challenge accepted! I’ll take the guesswork out of everything and support you every step of the way in launching your podcast.

So you can have a show that’s incredibly impactful for your audience, fun and fulfilling for you to create, and a successful marketing channel for your business.

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I’ll help you extend your voice, connect with your audience, and grow your business by launching a strategic, professional, chart-worthy podcast you’re beyond proud to share.

If you want more customers
sending you messages like this:

I’m your gal
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I’ve helped dozens of rural women business owners launch their podcasts with the exact system you get inside Podcast Launch Academy.

And, no – we’re not just launching *hobby* podcasts!

I help my clients launch shows that hit the charts in their niche and become profitable marketing strategies for their businesses.

Helping you extend your voice as a rural woman is deeply important to me because I live an agricultural and small-town lifestyle similar to yours, and I’ve seen it time and again:

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Podcasting gives you the ability, unlike anything else, to reach more people and make your business accessible to everyone.

If we were sitting down over coffee, I’d encourage you that you can do this because I see rural women like you launch and continue successful podcasts every single month.

I’d tell you not to let the fear of starting a podcast prevent you from sharing your message with the customers who need to hear it or keep your dreams of impacting more people on the shelf as a ‘maybe someday’ goal.

With my framework for launching and managing a podcast, you’ll launch your show and run it seamlessly behind the scenes. You’ll free up hours every week that you currently spend on content and connect more deeply with your audience.

Because here’s what happens when you finally launch your podcast and have a simple system for keeping up with it long-term:

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You’ll connect with more customers and grow your business.

How often have you binged someone’s podcast before deciding whether to work with or hire them? I do this all the time! Nothing builds trust and connection like podcasting.

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You’ll save hours on your marketing every week.

When you have a thoughtfully planned and executed podcast, you can repurpose your content everywhere and significantly reduce the time spent on newsletters and social media captions.

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You’ll reach a wider audience.

Your customers listen to your show while driving that 40-mile one-way commute, doing chores on the ranch, or prepping supper. It doesn’t matter how much distance separates you—with podcasting, you make your business accessible to people no matter where they’re at.

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You’ll find your voice and gain confidence in yourself as a business owner, speaker, and interviewer.

All my clients come to me terrified of starting a podcast and leave feeling confident, capable, and clear on their mission, values, and why their voices matter. This comes from the invaluable skills you gain from podcasting and having the courage to step up to the mic each month.

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Teary-eyed but true: You’ll change lives.

There are people out there right now who need to hear what you have to say in the way only you can say it. You don’t even have to write a caption or turn on your camera to impact others – your podcast will change so many lives for the better (including your own!).

picture this

Eight weeks from now, you and your husband are sharing a sweet toast over your morning coffee as you celebrate the launch of your podcast and how proud you are of the show you’ve created for your business.


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A group coaching program that gives rural women business owners the step-by-step instructions, support, and accountability to launch a high-quality, strategic podcast in just eight weeks.

Our next round takes place May 13 - July 7, 2024. Doors are open now for a limited time!

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“If the overwhelm and fear of starting a podcast is stopping you from sharing your voice and reaching others, I encourage you to work with Jill and join this program.

I wanted to connect with more women I could support, but starting a podcast from scratch felt terrifying; I knew I could not do this alone.

I am so glad I found Jill. I am not exaggerating when I say she is a Godsend. My podcast would not have been possible without her.”

Kiah Twisselman Burchett aka Coach Kiah
Climbing with Coach Kiah


>>> There IS a lot to do when starting a podcast. I won’t pretend this program is like pressing an ‘easy’ button that magically produces a podcast for you.<<<

But here’s what else is true:

When you join, launching your podcast won’t be a chore, you won’t be doing this alone, and you’ll have the most simplified and streamlined system available for launching and producing a professional-quality show. 

If you’re serious about launching your podcast, know you need support, but can’t hire someone to do it for you …

… Come hang out with me and a small circle of rural women business owners as we launch your show together!

We’ll have a lot of fun cheering each other on, staying accountable, and helping you make the right decisions for your podcasting goals. 

You’ll have a strategic and professional podcast that aligns with your mission and grows your business in just eight weeks!

Bonus: Because you’ll meet other rural women business owners inside Podcast Launch Academy, you’ll already have a group of ‘podcast super fans’ lined up and ready to listen when you release your first episodes!

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How Podcast Launch Academy takes you from …

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…. in just eight weeks.

Podcast Launch Academy gives you weekly coaching and Q&A calls, video lessons, action steps, daily Slack support, accountability, and templates for everything.

You’ll follow my proven step-by-step podcast launch system. By week eight, you’ll launch the first three episodes of your show and have a streamlined, organized podcasting system that you can confidently continue on your own (or easily hand off to your virtual assistant).

Here’s what you’ll experience when you join this live program:

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Set your podcasting strategy

In week one, you’ll gain total clarity on the mission behind your podcast, what it will be about, who your audience is, and your strategy for making this a successful marketing channel in your business. You’ll also set your podcast launch date!

WEEK two

Finalize the details

Now that you know who your show is for and what it’s about, we’ll take week two to finalize the ‘fun’ details! You’ll decide on the name for your podcast, set your intro and outro music, create your cover art, and gain knowledge of the best (and most affordable) software and equipment you need to get started.

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WEEK three

Build the foundations

You’ll love this week! Here, we’ll create all the ‘foundation’ pieces that go into each episode – such as your outline, intro and outro, show descriptions, etc. Just think of how much time you’ll save on future episodes now that you have all of these foundations set and ready to rinse and repeat!

WEEK four

Map out your episodes

It’s time to plan some episodes, set your content calendar, and get set to manage your podcast. Yess!! You’ll leave this week knowing how to strategically plan, record, and release your first three episodes (and all the rest that come after).

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WEEK five

Simplify the production process

If you’re nervous about the technical side of podcasting – don’t be. I’ll show you a recording and editing process that eases the learning curve of doing this on your own or with the help of your virtual assistant. In week five, you’ll record your first episode from start to finish!

WEEK six

Get visible & hit the charts

Your launch date is just weeks away! Your show is entirely planned and outlined, and you’ve even scheduled a fully recorded and edited episode. In week six, you’ll record your second episode. You’ll leave this week with a web page for your podcast, a plan for getting your show visible and repurposing content, and a system for tracking your podcast on the charts.

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WEEK seven

Know your metrics

You’re almost there! This week, you’ll record your third podcast episode. You’ll also gain my simple podcast ROI tracking system so you can stay on top of your show's goals and see how it’s growing. I’ll also show you how to use some AI tools to save you even more time with podcasting tasks.

WEEK eight

Launch your podcast!

You did it. You stuck with me and this process for eight weeks, receiving all the knowledge, support, and accountability you needed. Now, the day is finally here. Your podcast is launching! I’ll help you execute your launch strategy, and together with our community, you’ll get to celebrate this incredible milestone with downloads, listeners, and new customers who can’t wait to tune in.

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WEEK nine & ten

Post-launch support and follow-up

After your podcast launches, you’ll have daily access to me on Slack for any questions that might pop up when your show is live. You won’t just launch a podcast. You’ll know how to continue creating and producing episodes on your own using a simple system – with confidence!

Here’s a quick recap of what’s included

in Podcast Launch Academy

lifetime (1)

Lifetime access to everything – including the video trainings

You can refer to the information, templates, and knowledge gained here anytime you need to.


Templates for

You won't have to start any piece of your podcast from scratch. I’ll give you templates for whatever you’re working on, from show notes to episode structure and everything in between.

templates (2)

Daily Slack support for ten weeks

Need help with a decision for your show? Have a question? Send me a message, and I’ll happily walk you through every part of getting your podcast up and running.


Weekly live Q&A calls and support for eight weeks

Sometimes, you just want to chat through a question or challenge and solve it in real time. I completely understand. We’ll meet once a week for eight weeks to make decisions and work through anything together. Calls will take place on Mondays from 12-1 pm central (replays available) from May 13 - July 7.


Step-by-step tutorials and action steps for launching your podcast

I’ll show you what to do every week so that by week eight, you’ll have a strategic podcast that aligns with your bigger mission and grows your business. You’ll never wonder what to focus on or when. I’ve got the entire plan laid out for you and the accountability built-in for your success!



The first FIVE women to join Podcast Launch Academy and pay in full also get their intro and outro edited and mixed by me!

Send me your intro and outro audio files, and I’ll professionally edit them (and layer in the music, too!) for you. One less thing to do – yes, please!

enroll today

The investment for launching the podcast you’ve always wanted your business to have with Podcast Launch Academy is …

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Best value

one payment of


Includes your intro and outro edited by me - first five women to join only!

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Most flexible

two payments of


One installment is due today; the other is due in two weeks.


“My podcast would not have launched without Podcast Launch Academy and the step-by-step instructions and support I received from Jill and this group of women.

Jill broke the process down, made it simple by giving us specific pieces to focus on each week, and supported everyone in the group so beautifully.

I came in with a vague idea of what I wanted my podcast to be, and she helped with each decision, provided feedback on everything, and supported me greatly in this process.”

Sheila Hansen, Profitable Women Podcast

True – $1198 is a *smidge* more than Googling
‘How to start a podcast’ and accomplishing this on your own.

But you wouldn’t be here if deciphering the ins and outs of podcasting wasn’t the most time-consuming, overwhelming endeavor you’ve tried to tackle in a long time!

If you are serious about launching a podcast that grows your business, you have three options:


Launch your podcast yourself, but we know how that’s going. (Not judging :)!)

It’s free, but it’s also hard to make the right decisions, weed through all the information out there, and end up with a *good* podcast when you do this solo. 


Hire someone to launch your podcast for you.

Done-for-you podcast launching? Yes! My team does this, too. But like most boutique podcast production agencies, we serve a very limited roster of clients and typically fill up months in advance.

Having me take the reins and do everything for your podcast launch is an investment of about $2800, plus a monthly package fee if I manage your show from there.

If time is more important than money right now – get in touch with my team and let us handle your podcast launch and/or management for you, top to bottom.

Otherwise … I recommend this:


Join Podcast Launch Academy

I’ll walk you through my proven process for launching a podcast that hits the charts in just eight weeks. You’ll have my full support, feedback, and strategy behind you, and lifetime access to all the tools you need to have a successful show.

With Podcast Launch Academy, you get a professional-quality podcast for a fraction of the cost of hiring a podcast manager – plus all the skills you need to continue podcasting on your own or with help from your virtual assistant!

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“This program gives you everything you need to launch and manage your podcast.”

I was looking for another way to share content outside of my blog and had been toying with the idea of a podcast, but I had absolutely no knowledge of where or how to start.

Jill clearly and systematically guides you through every step. She gave me all the knowledge and skills I needed to actually do this!”

Christine Giarrizzo, Momming as a Millennial Podcast

Here’s what happens when you

Join Podcast Launch Academy today


You’ll be taken to a checkout page with two payment options: $1198 pay-in-full or two payments of $599 (50% due today and 50% due in two weeks). Choose your adventure with any major credit card to complete your enrollment – and you’re in!


As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with all the details you need to start the program (where to log in, the Slack channel community, Q & A call schedule and links, etc.)


The program runs from May 13 - July 7. You’ll start by clarifying your podcast strategy in week one and continue working with me throughout the next eight weeks in our video lessons and calls until your podcast is officially launched!!

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“If you are looking to launch a podcast and manage it yourself, this program is it.

Jill laid everything out step by step. I loved having the group of women to bounce ideas off of, encourage each other, and give support and accountability to bring your podcast to life in a timely manner.

Ellan Ruskamp (hosted by her husband, Garrett), Pioneer Mindset

Have a few questions before joining Podcast Launch Academy?

I would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with me by clicking the button below.

I am all hands on deck for the next few weeks to answer any questions you have about this program and how it can help you launch a strategic, professional podcast for your business.


You’ll likely find the answers you’re looking for here in these FAQS:

Mya (1)

“I am already receiving such great feedback from my community on my podcast!!

Trust is being built, connections are being made, and I am so excited about what’s ahead. This seriously exceeded my expectations!”

Literally – I could not have started and launched my podcast without Jill.

She is so organized, knowledgeable, and kind. She helped me through every step of the process and is so detail-oriented (which I love!).”

Mya Nichol, Radical Disruption Podcast


Here’s what my previous Podcast Launch Academy students who have been in your shoes would tell you …

You can keep *wishing* you had a podcast and telling yourself you’ll figure out how to do it on your own (eventually!)

Or (1)

You can finally get the support, knowledge, and accountability you need – all in one place – in a program for rural women who want to grow their business with podcasting.

And, in the process, launch a podcast that:

Builds relationships and trust with your audience

Extends your reach

Creates community around your brand

Becomes a fun, profitable, and time-saving marketing strategy

… in just eight weeks!! (1)
I'm jill (3)

Doors to this round of Podcast Launch Academy close on May 8, and I won’t be opening this program again until the fall.

PLUS: The first five women who join and pay in full get their intro and outro edited by me for free!!

So, if right about now, you’re thinking, “I’m shaking in my boots just a little, but I’m also so ready to take this step, find my voice, and launch a podcast that grows my audience and business!”

… then click the button below, and let’s do this thing – together.